BAi Specialty and Custom Decals

BAi manufactures a number of less commonly used decals for a variety of uses and functions. From simple color swaps to over sized decals for freight; if you have a project in mind we're ready to discuss solutions.

Alternate Colors

BAi manufactures decals in a variety of different background and stripe color options, all designed and tested to work with BAi Readers. These are most often used in conjunction with custom decals that include additional graphics or text seen below.

Custom Decals

Custom Decals are available to add image or text to your property's barcode decals. These are most often used for classifying vehicles such as Renter/Owner, Student/Faculty, or adding a year to the credential.

Marla Miller
GM of Niguel Shores Community Association

"We have blue, red and black (NSCA) barcode decals. The blue ones are for the owners that have a waiver to park on the street overnight. The red decals are for guests of residents that are visiting the community, and the black are specifically for owner vehicles in Niguel Shores (NSCA)."

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