BAi Standard Barcode Decals

BAi Barcode Decals are hands-free vehicle identification credentials for access control applications. he decals work in tandem with our barcode readers to create an automatic vehicle identification system for your property. Every BAi decal has a unique ID number giving you precise control over your gate system.

BAi Barcode Decals are made to order and unique to their property. They're printed on a material that won't read if copied, photographed, or scanned. Our decals cannot be removed in one piece, which makes them almost impossible steal and they cannot be shared or lost.

All new BC3 Decals!

We're proud to introduce BC3 decals, a major upgrade for your access control system.

BC3 Decals are smaller, they cost less, and are more secure. With a one time upgrade BC3 decals will work on any BA-440 or BA-220 Reader, and can be used alongside existing decals. Ask your dealer for an upgrade to transition to newer decals today! (BAi Readers purchased after March 1, 2024 come standard with this feature.)

  • Manufactured to break on removal.
  • Waterproof for years of use in any climate
  • Available in 15mph and 25mph formats.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Unobtrusive black-on-black and white-on-white options
  • Not affected by high-end vehicle electronics or window treatments

Upgrade to BC3

Ready to get our newest, smallest, and most secure decal ever? Contact us to discuss transitioning your site property.

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