BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader

Our BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader is built tough for long-range, hands-free vehicle identification system. It's also the only laser-based vehicle identification system in today's market. We guarantee precision reads 24x7, in all weather conditions. Its the smart choice for reliability, affordability and security. The BA-440 is the perfect solution for gated entry systems, parking garages, college campuses and more.

DualBeam Laser Technology

Reliable and absolutely secure

  • Decals cannot be read by unauthorized barcode readers
  • Readers ignore cloned or copied barcode decals
  • Hard-wired system, no remote penetration by WiFi, Bluetooth© or radio
  • Accurate and reliable on all vehicles with no interference issues
High Quality Construction

Manufactured for long-term use in harsh outdoor environments.

  • ETL Listed to UL Standard 294 for strict building codes, and potentially better insurance coverage
  • NEMA IV enclosure is dust-tight and moisture proof
  • Scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla Glass®
  • 5 year fully transferable warranty
Open Ecosystem Philosophy

BAi Readers work with any other access control device or visitor management system.

  • Compatible with any device that accepts a 26 bit Wiegand message
  • Open/close relays can control any gate or barrier arm
  • TTY terminal based configuration accessible from Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
  • RS-232 & USB ports come standard
Distance before gate/barrier arm

To read decals successfully, BAi Readers should be installed 20-25ft before the gate/barrier arm. Decals need to pass the Reader before the front of the vehicle stops at the gate/barrier arm.

Reader height and distance from road

Whether it's low riding sports cars or lifted pickup trucks; your BA-440 will see them all. Our DualBeam lasers expand vertically creating a Guaranteed Read Zone. When passing the Reader vehicles should drive between 2ft and 6ft from the Reader — ensuring decals in all heights are read.

Ready to install a BA-440?

BAi Products are available through licensed access control professionals. Contact us to find an authorized installer near you.

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