VillageWalk at Lake Nona

VillageWalk at Lake Nona has four BAi Readers. A BA-220 and BA-440 controls access to the original VillageWalk, and two BA-440 Readers control the gates at The Enclave at VillageWalk.

VillageWalk has four gated entrances – two to the original community, and two to a new expansion known as The Enclave. The original community has a main entrance including a manned gatehouse for visitors and guests. All visitors and guests must use that main entrance. Residents to the main entrance can get through quickly using a Barcode Automation BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader in a resident's only lane. The other entrance to the original section of VillageWalk still uses a BA-220 DualBeam Barcode Reader that was installed five years ago and is still operating.

When it was time to expand, two BA-440's were chosen for residents of The Enclave at VillageWalk. This gave them the ability to get in to their section of VillageWalk as well as get in to the main area when going to the town center. Visitors to The Enclave use a telephone entry system.

“Our (VillageWalk’s) Barcode Readers never fail to scan. In the past few years I have been here, there has only been one failure of the Barcode Readers. That was due to a lightning strike. Meanwhile we have had countless failures of other gate equipment for our swing gates and barrier arms from another company. Our residents love the use of Barcodes and appreciate the new black on black decals that blend in with tinted windows and (they) scan just as well. BAi readers simply work. After the initial install, we can forget about them and trust that they will hold up for years to come. So much so that if we ever get a complaint about them not working, we know right away that there is user error involved. This could be because a window has been rolled down, which covers the Barcode attached to it or because something else is blocking the Barcode. We can count on the BAi Barcode Reader as the least likely cause when our gates aren't working.”

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