BAi Barcode Decals

Barcode decals for use as vehicle tags in access control systems utilizing bai barcode readers

Affordable vehicle identification credentials

BAi Barcode Decals are the credential component of our vehicle identification system. Some access control systems use the word "credential" when referring to the card, key fob, or tag that a resident uses to ge access through a gate. For BAi, our Barcode Decals are the credential for our vehicle identification system. Decals are applied to the side of the vehicle, not the front.
BAi Barcode Decals cannot be stolen or duplicated. Unauthorized copies are detected and ignored.
BAi Decals should be positioned in rear back window with stripes running left to right.
Individual ID Numbers
BAi Barcode Decals contain a 5 digit unique ID number, allowing up to 99,999 unique ID numbers.
Black on Black Barcode Decal
Colors and customization
Barcode Decals can be ordered in any of 30 different color combinations. The Black on Black Decal (shown above) is the most popular for its discreet appearance.
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Do the Barcode Decals break on removal?
BAi Barcode Decals adhere to the vehicle and become difficult to remove. When removed the decal will distort and likely tear rendering it useless.
Can we print the Barcode Decals ourselves?
No, BAi Barcode Decals are not like paper barcodes, nor do BAi Readers look at paper. Utilizing special materials and print processes allows BAi Readers to identify the decals accurately at long range and high speeds. Additionally, this prevents anyone that photocopies a Barcode Decal from gaining entry to your property.
How long do the Barcode Decals last?
BAi Barcode Decals will degrade over time, we have found that the average lifespan is 5 years. However, decals may continue to operate without problems beyond the 5 year average depending on their circumstances.