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Barcode Automation, inc.

BAi is the leading manufacturer of outdoor barcode readers and decals for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) in access control systems. Our systems are convenient, effective, reliable and affordable. They are completely immune to RF and Sun interference!

Ideal for use at vehicle entrances found at:
Gated Communities • Hospitals • State Parks • Employee Parking • Golf & Country Clubs
Truck Terminals • Airports • Schools • Universities • State Parks

Save Time and Energy
BAi barcode readers are hands-free for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. With our vehicle identification systems there are no driver distractions. It is instant and automatic.
  Know Who Belongs
Our barcode decal is fixed to the vehicle. This makes them part of the system for the ultimate convenience. Best of all, drivers don’t have to remember access codes, access cards, or their remotes.

Watch how are systems work: