Vehicle access control identifying an SUV in heavy snow Automatic vehicle identification at a gated community Barcode Automation long range vehicle identification in a secure parking garage. BAi in an access control system at a large gated community

The most reliable automatic vehicle identification for gated entries from Barcode Automation

BA-440 identifying a vehicle automatically in a snow storm in Ohio.

The BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader uses advanced laser technology to identify vehicles automatically at entry gates. It is the most reliable system for automatic vehicle identification at gated communities and parking facilities.

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Why use Automatic Vehicle Identification from BAi?

  • Identifies vehicles traveling up to 25mph automatically.
  • Ignores radio and static interference, such as high end window tints or xenon lights.
  • Provides much greater control than portable key fobs, clickers, or cards.
  • Rejects fake decals. Photocopies, color replicas, and digital images don't work.
  • Decreases traffic congestion by reducing entry times.
  • Connects to any gate entry system, access control panel or visitor management system.
  • Reduces the workload of gatekeepers and security personnel.

How does BAi automatic vehicle identification work?

  1. Two lasers extend out from the BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader.
  2. Barcode Decal is applied to each authorized vehicle on the rear side window facing the Reader.
  3. The BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader identifies the vehicle automatically as it approaches the entry gate.