Where to place BAi Barcode Decals

BAi Decals should be positioned in rear back window with stripes running left to right.

Positioning Barcode Decals

Decals should be applied to one of the rear side windows of the vehicle. The Barcode Stripes should always run horizontally (lines go from left to right).
  • Place decals on the same side of the vehicle that the Reader is on.
  • Apply to the outside of the window glass.
  • Orient decal with the stripes running horizontal (as shown).
  • The bottom of the decal should be at least 36" inches above ground.
  • The top of the decal should be no more than 65" above ground.
  • Place decal in an unobtrusive spot on the rear side window. Windows that do not open are preferred.
  • The numbers printed on the decal should be on the left or right side, never the top or bottom.
  • The decal should be applied vertically, aligned as straight as possible.
  • If placed on the vehicle anywhere other than glass, it can be difficult to remove the decal without damaging the surface.

Applying the Barcode Decal

Ensure the window surface is at least 59 F. If window is too cool, the decal adhesive will not bond.
Clean the window glass using SoftScrub or other non-scratching mild abrasive cleaner. Do not use glass cleaner containing silicone. Mild abrasive cleaners will not scratch window, but are very effective at removing silicone, wax, or other chemical coatings that interfere with the decal bonding to the glass.
  • Peel top of decal back about 1"
  • Bend backing paper flat against back of decal
  • Line up decal in desired location on window, then press firmly on top where the backing was peeled back
  • Hold backing with other hand
  • Place squeegee at top of decal. Press firmly against window and run it smoothly down the decal
  • As you move the squeegee down, backing will come lose
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