What software runs BAI Readers?

Our equipment has Weigand, Serial, and USB ports to transmit a credential to an access controller. A terminal application is needed for configuration changes and to access the log file internally. We recommend and include TeraTerm Pro; another popular option is PuTTY.

We do not manufacture any software to go along with our BAi Readers and Decals. For software options you'll want to discuss with a trained access control integrator that can tie all of your surveillance and security products together into a complete solution for your needs.

Does BAi work with my software?

Barcode Automation, inc. (BAi) products are considered open access products. This allows BAi Readers and Barcode Decal credentials to be integrated into any access control system. We do not place limitations on developers, nor is there any licensing fee to use our equipment.
Our flexible hardware is designed and manufactured to be easily integrated into existing and emerging security solutions. This means our equipment will work with today's systems but also on any future systems, eliminating the need to replace the Reader or Credentials when you upgrade your controllers or software.
We offer partnership and support to OEMs and software developers wanting to test and integrate with our Readers. For information please contact us.
As we mention on our Visitor Management Software article, many new companies seeking to enter this market come from a software only background. We do not provide an API at this time as we do not have any built in software. Our Readers typically connect with an access controller such as a telephone entry system or control panel; from there you may have an API; it depends on which access controller you utilize.
Want to discuss how our equipment interfaces with your access system?
We're happy to discuss how our equipment can interface with the system you're using or planning to use.