Visitor Management Software for HOAs

Dedicated Visitor Management Software for gated communities

Visitor Management Software for the access control industry helps property managers and security personnel streamline their workflow.
BAi vehicle decals, like all in the access control industry, are built on Wiegand which is typically a 5 digit ID number, ie: 00001. Instead of logging 00001 you want to see Jane Smith. Using visitor management software provides this additional layer of convenience. BAi does not manufacture this software, but our hardware integrates into all of the ones available.
Software solutions that BAi often integrates with in HOA applications are ABDI, Gatekey, GateSentry, Gatehouse, NorthStar, Zuul Systems. They serve as the interface for your staff to update and maintain records in the access control system. This can greatly assist management and reduce operating expenses.
These systems can be costly and usually involve a guardhouse or other workstation environment. As a result, this if often reserved for larger residential properties, corporate office parks, universities, etc. For smaller properties newer telephone entry systems may provide sufficient visitor management software.
Access control manufacturers have started developing more robust telephone entry systems that incorporate software for remote management. One of the most popular systems in use is DoorKing 1838's which now includes software. The thing to note is that the 1838 has a limit of 3,000 users. Another system Liftmaster CapXL has a limit of 50,000 users. These are not hands-free systems on their own. Your installer would purchase this as well as a BAi Reader and wire them together.
When selecting a visitor management software package consider the features and pricing. Some have one time fees but many are moving to subscription models. Also be sure to check references and see how long they've been in business.
Ready to integrate BAi with your visitor management software?
BAi Readers and Decals integrate with all visitor management software packages and telephone entry systems.