Testimonial from Makaha Valley Plantation in Hawaii

Interview with Nancy Iokepa, Administrative Executive at Makaha Valley Plantation

This interview was conducted on September 25, 2023.
Makaha Valley Plantation is a gated community of 572 condominiums located in rural oceanside valley on the leeward (west) coast of Oahu, Hawaii. They have strong sense of community and believe in their motto, Living Aloha on the west side of Oahu.
Makaha Valley Plantation has been using BAi equipment for nearly 20 years, starting with a BA-200 back in 2004. How many entrances does the community have BAi Readers on? How many vehicles are in the community or pass through the gates on a typical day?
The entire community has a single entry point. However we do not have free exit, instead we have 2 BAi Readers - one on the entry lane, and one on the exit lane. On any given day, we have a few hundred registered vehicles passing in and out of the community.
Could you tell us a little about the entire system -- is BAi Reader connected to a telephone entry system or any computer/visitor management system?
We run the BAi Reader in stand alone mode without any additional equipment. The Barcode stickers are applied to the passenger side windows of all cars registered to be here. The sticker opens the gate automatically once they pass the reader box both entering and exiting the property.
How reliable have the BAi Readers and Decals been over all these years? Are there any unique challenges due to your relatively remote location?
Works well for our gated community.
Do you feel BAi Readers and Decals have been a valuable investment that you would recommend to others?
Yes, with the amount of cars entering and exiting on a daily basis it helps reduce the load on gate staff since our security gate does not have to check in every car for entry. Registered vehicles with BAi barcode credentials enter / exit freely by driving past the BAi Readers.
Have residents been overall satisfied with the BAi System?
Other than electrical grid power surges or the occasional gecko blocking the laser, it is great. We have no complaints as it makes the process at the gate easier. Tenants like the ease of driving in / out without having to stop at the security gate.
Anything else you'd like to share about your access control or use of BAi Readers and Decals?
When the readers are working normally then system works PERFECTLY. If we have an issue, our contractor comes out, troubleshoots the existing system, and fixes it.
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