Interview with Western Door & Gate

This interview was conducted via email with Matthew W. Melton of Western Door & Gate, LLC in Las Vegas NV.
How long have you been using BAi systems?
7+ years
How many properties have you used BAi long range readers at?
10 currently
What are your general opinions about using BAi for vehicle identification?
I'm a huge fan of Barcode Automation readers. They are very easy to install and work right from the start. We're able to wire them up into existing systems and be up and running quickly. Every community that we currently have them installed at is working perfectly.
How do you convince your clients to go with BAi systems?
The long term cost savings alone should be the biggest motivator. There's on batteries to go bad and "European glass" to disrupt our read range. The black on black decal is practically invisible, and its not able to be stolen intact.
Any other comments you wish to share?
I'm always impressed when I call their tech support or customer service team. They have kept immaculate records over the years and know more about the community than most board members or community managers do.
Would you recommend Barcode Automation readers and decals to others?
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