Interview with Acme Gates, Inc.

This interview was conducted via email with Joe Williams of Acme Gates, Inc. of Palm Beach, FL on July 8, 2021.
Acme Gates have used BAi equipment for a long time. What are the key reasons you recommend BAi Readers?
One of the main reasons I swear by this product is the simplicity of the install and the straight forward on field tech support.
When we spoke on the phone you mentioned liking our record keeping and the ability to easily check a credential, could you elaborate on how this helps you?
This (BAi) is the perfect setup unlike some other companies that let you order any facility code and range. In other words, if you take over a community using BAi system you know when you place an order they are going to ship you the exact decals for that site, there is no back and forth with community or management.

It's also nice to test decals using the output board with the lights on the back. We use that a lot in the field which makes things easy.
How important to you and your customers is our warranty and repair policy?
The warranty and technical support your company has is one of the best. The staff is well trained in the support of the system and the knowledge is on point. The warranty is the best out there by far and the repair policy is simple, well, and black and white.
Would you recommend BAi Readers and Decals to others?
Yes this is my go to access control system, I have always recommended due to the warranty and for the longevity. We still have original BA-220 in the field and working.
Any other comments you wish to share about BAi as a company or system?
The staff and tech support personnel are always on point and are always keeping to their word of calling back and not rushing the call to just get to the next person in queue.
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