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Long range vehicle identification using laser technology.

I would recommend BAi Readers to anyone. Once you set it up you'll never have issues with it. Their factory support and record keeping is impeccable - always able to answer questions and always on time.
Mark Hildebrandt, Systems Integrators for AT&I Systems
Private K-12 School using BA-440 for Access Control
School Security
Public and Private K12 and Colleges use BAi Readers and Decals for student and faculty parking.
Fleet truck entering secure parking area using a white BAi barcode decal
Data Centers and Industrial Sites
Data Centers, Mining Facilities, Chemical Plants and other industrial facilities use BAi to provide reliable security that doesn't create electronic interference.
BA-220 at Ocean County College
Corporate Headquarters
Corporate campuses value BAi to get their employees in and out of controlled parking areas efficiently and affordably.