Lexus being identified by a BA-440 in Las Vegas, NV

Interview with Western Door & Gate

I’m a huge fan of Barcode Automation readers. They are very easy to install and work right from the start. We’re able to wire them up into existing systems and be up and running quickly. Every community that we currently have them installed at is working perfectly.
BA-440 controlling access to a gated community in New Jersey

Positioning a BAi Reader

Positioning a BAi Reader is very easy. This article will answer the three most important questions — which side of the vehicle will it be mounted? How far in front of the gate / barrier arm is it placed? How far off to the side of the lane is it installed?

Custom Barcode Decals

Custom Barcode Decals are available to add image or text to your property’s Barcode Decals. These are most often used for classifying vehicles.
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