BA-200 in Colorado Springs

Black Forest Reserve testimonial

It is indeed periodically exposed to extremely harsh conditions from torrential rain and 90 degrees in the summer to snow, ice and -20 in the winter. In the nearly 12 years I’ve lived here it has never failed to accurately read the barcode stickers…

Current growth of gated communities

Gated communities continue to grow and diversify, especially outside major metropolitan areas where owning a home is more affordable. Flexible remote work policies that allow more people to work from home are accelerating this trend toward suburban living.

What software does BAi use?

Our equipment has Weigand, Serial, and USB ports to transmit a credential to an access controller. A terminal application is needed for configuration changes and to access the log file internally.

Contactless access control for vehicles

With hands-free access residents and homeowners don’t need to stop, take their hands off the wheel, or make physical contact with any devices. This reduces traffic, increases security, and enables better management practices.
BA-440 installed during new construction

Tips for selecting the right installer

Our goal in this article is to empower HOAs to be able to have intelligent conversations with their access control installers – specialists in gates, access control software, card readers, CCTV, etc.
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