bai price advantage

comparing the long term costs of BAi to comparable rfid

10 year total equipment cost for 2 entrances and 430 homes:
Barcode Automation: $30,041.13
Comparable RF Tag system: $45,375.00

How we calculated the above pricing:

Item Barcode Automation RF-ID Tags
2 Readers $19,152.88 $9,000
1,075 initial decals/tags $4,826.75 $16,125
150 decals a year for 9 years $6,061.50 $20,250.00
Total 10 year equipment cost $30,041.13 $45,375.00
2 BAi Readers: $19,152.88
1075 BAi decals: $4,826.75
150 decals a year for 9 years: $6,061.50
BAi cost over 10 years: $30,041.13

2 RF-ID Readers: $9,000
1075 RF-ID Tags: $16,125
150 RF-ID a year for 9 years: $20,250.00
RFID cost over 10 years: $45,375.00

Please remember these are estimated equipment costs based on current MSRP. They do not include installation or service. Prices are also subject to change.
For exact pricing, request a quote from an installation company.
"The cost savings alone should be the biggest motivator"
– Matthew Melton, Western Door & Gate
BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader identifying a luxury vehicle at a gated community in Las Vegas, Nevada
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