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ABDI visitor management software connected to BAi Readers at a gated community
A BA-440 Reader connected to an ABDI visitor management system.

Visitor Management Software for Gated Communities

Dedicated Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software for the access control industry helps property managers and security personnel streamline their workflow. With older, integrated software solutions that come with hardware manufacturer's you may not get a convenient and easy to use interface that can also be accessed remotely. That's where dedicated companies introduced solutions specifically for the access control industry. Among these are two we highly recommend: Applications By Design, Inc (ABDI) and Gatehouse Solutions.

ABDI or Gatehouse visitor management will serve as the interface for your staff to update and maintain the access control system. This streamlines visitor processing, and also makes it easier to add and remove authorization from a system like our BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader.

Our decals like most in the access control industry are built on Wiegand which is a 5 digit code, ie: 00001. Instead of logging 00001 you want to see Jane Smith at 123 Apple Blvd. Using a visitor management solution like ABDI or Gatehouse provides this additional layer of convenience.

These systems can be costly and usually involve a guardhouse or other workstation environment. As a result, this is often reserved for larger properties. The price however is coming down on this type of solution making it practical for more and more communities to invest in.

Telephone entry systems may double as visitor management systems:

Access control manufacturers have started developing more robust integrated visitor management systems through their telephone entry products. Doorking, Liftmaster, Brivo, Kantech, and Nortek all offer such products. These are not as robust as the dedicated software solutions, but may be suficient for smaller properties.

Check pricing and company history before selecting a visitor management system

When selecting a visitor management software package consider the features as well as the pricing. Some visitor management software providers use a one time fee structure, but others use a subscription model. Also be sure to check references and see how long they've been in business.

One of the reasons our dealers value us is because of our history of support and service going back over 20 years. Similarly, consider a software solution that has established credability and support. As the internet of things era advances we've seen many companies put out community management software to disappear soon after.

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