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Lake St. Clair replaced their keyfobs with Barcode Automation readers and decals
Lake St. Clair replaced their keyfobs with Barcode Automation readers and decals

Why replace your remote control gate openers with BAi Barcode Decals?

The problem with remote gate openers and keyfobs at your community is the ease of sharing, and lack of unique id for each vehicle. These systems often use one code for all remotes. That means you have no way to activate, deactivate, and otherwise manage what specific vehicle enters or leaves the gate.

Unlike Keyfobs, our Barcode Decals provide much more control over who enters and leaves the community. It does this in two ways:

  • Decals cannot be shared or lost by your residents
  • Each one is unique so you can deactivate an individual Decal to prevent them from accessing the community any longer

From a safety perspective our system allows drivers to maintain their attention on the road, instead of having to fumble through their pocket or center console for a keyfob or card. It also prevents people from pressing their fob to allow other vehicles to enter before or after them.

Results of switching to Barcode Automation from keyfobs:

Lake St. Clair was experiencing this very issue. Poor control over getting keyfobs returned led to a number of burglaries within the community. As a result they replaced their individual clickers for our Barcode Decals and Readers. It completely solved the issue.

“The BA-440 System was a great value. Not only was it affordable and functioned without a hitch from day one; it has given the residents of our community something that is truly priceless—peace of mind.” - Jim Knotts, former President of Lake St. Clair's HOA.

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