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Barcode Automation BA-440 in an urban high rise garage surrounded by other electronic devices.
Barcode Automation BA-440 in urban high rise. Installed by PSX Group.

A solution to radio transponder issues and costs.

Radio based tags, known as RF ID, RF Tags, or Radio Transponders have a lot of known issues.

Radio transponder problems are often caused by special windshield treatments, and made worse by many vehicle safety features. Window tints include metal aggregates to block sunlight (UV Protection). These aggregates also block some radio waves, decreasing reliability in radio based access control.

Newer car safety features are being added every year, often involving electronic signals. These include radar detectors, pre-collision detection, lane departure warnings, autonomous cruise control, and more. All of these put out electronic signals that can make it more difficult for transponders to function.

As a result, RF tag manufacturers are trying to find new places to get a reliable signal. Once the windshield options fail they suggest the front headlamp. Front headlamp tags often suffer from sensors connected to the front of the vehicle. They also have well documented issues with LED and Xenon lights. These passive front headlamp tags (usually look like clear stickers) cost double the windshield tags.

If those fail the next step is a large active radio tag that can force a signal through the interference to the gate system. These active tags are very reliable, but cost three to four times the passive windshield options and are more difficult to install.

The advantage to our laser barcode reader is that no electronic interference will affect your access control system.

Barcode Automation’s BA-440 doesn’t rely on radio signals, which means none of the above mentioned issues affect it. Additionally, our laser technology system is “future proof” in that no matter how advanced vehicle technology gets, there will be no interference issues costing you time and money. You can install our BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader today, and trust that it will work reliably for 10 years or more.

Reversing the price model to lower your operational costs.

Our decals cost 30-50% less than the least expensive radio transponders. This reverses the price model established by radio transponder companies. Theirs is a relatively inexpensive antenna with expensive tags, we provide a slightly more expensive reader with significantly less expensive decals. For many properties our price structure results in substantial cost reductions.

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