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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the term, "Read Range" mean?

Simply put, Read Range is the distance at which our Barcode Readers can read (scan) a Barcode Decal.

What is the Read Range of your Barcode Readers?

For all standard-sized Decals, we guarantee a Read Range from 2ft to 6ft away from the Reader. We also have large-sized Decals, which can extend the Read Range to 12ft. These are intended to be used on RVs, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Whom do I call when I need a new Decal?

We only sell BAi Barcode Decals to authorized dealers. If you need a new Decal or replacement Decal for parking, access to your workplace or school and/or university, speak with someone at the school, parking service or business. Likewise, if you live in a gated community with one of our readers, and need a new or replacement Decal, talk to the Property Manager or the Homeowner's Association. All new or replacement Decals must come from the property (place) you need to access.

Do you sell hand-held Barcode Readers for retail and warehousing applications?

No, we manufacture and sell Barcode Readers and Decals specifically for Automatic Vehicle Identification and Access Control.

Can photocopied images of Barcode Decals be used to gain entry?

No, our Barcode Readers are designed to work only with an original decal. Our readers will ignore photographs, photocopies and digital images of decals. For more information, please view our video showing that copied Decals are ignored.

Can the Barcode Decal be stolen?

BAi Barcode Decals are adhesive-backed and when properly applied, are nearly impossible to remove in one piece. They're designed to be ripped, torn and stretched out of shape during removal, which renders them useless.

Do BAi Barcode Readers work in the rain?

Yes. BAi Readers are built to work in all kinds of weather. Unless it is impossible to see 6ft in front of you, our Readers will work without any problem in rain, fog, sleet or snow.

Do BAi Barcode Readers work in cold temperatures and snow?

Yes. If the Barcode Decal is visible, the Barcode Reader will read it during icy and snowy weather. In other words, if you can't see the barcode decal because it's covered in ice or snow, then the Reader can't see it either. Most winter-weather drivers scrape ice and snow off their vehicle windows before driving. It's just a simple matter of making the Decal visible.

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